Why workplace health promotion? Quite simply: "Health is our greatest asset".

(Guiding principle from the Victorinox operating rules) Health and well-being ought to be close to our hearts. The WHO strongly points out that our health system alone is not capable of preventing the rising number of illnesses. Employers and workers each have a duty to take responsibility for this, and both are richly rewarded by these efforts. Workplace health promotion has become the focus of my work, in which I now lead a very competent and committed team. Starting in the Victorinox company, I have been able to gain wide-ranging experience with my balance-time® concept in numerous companies, service companies and institutions for almost 20 years.

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Mrs. Pia Schuler, company social counselling Siemens Switzerland, talks about her experience with the concept of Priska Gauger-Schelbert.
Project manager Priska Gauger-Schelbert in the Siemens Zug, Siemens Wallisellen and Siemens Roche factory since 2006.