balance-time® – Zeit zum Ausgleich

is the title of my overall concept, which I offer together with my team within the framework of workplace health promotion.
At the same time the five-minute- balance-time® is also the core of this offer.

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of Victorinox I was given the opportunity to develop this concept in a practical way and to test its sustainability. The considerable success led me to establish this working method - individually adapted - in many other companies and institutions.

balance-time® consists of five different elements .

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In 2009, Victorinox won first prize for balance-time® in the Swiss competition for companies "Movement is possible", launched by SUVA.
"No health care system in the world can do without people taking responsibility for their own health."

Gerald Hüther, Neurobiologist

Mr. Robert Heinzer, Chief Human Resources Officer, Victorinox Company, talks about the experiences and cooperation with Priska Gauger-Schelbert and her concept at Victorinox.