The Alexander Technique can be used everywhere.
It is powerful, profound and successful!

The central question in the Alexander Technique is:
How do I deal with myself while doing something?

The F.M. Alexander Technique is an ideal method to perceive, rethink and, if necessary, change our habitual patterns of behaviour and movement.

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Fields of application of the Alexander Technique as I offer it:

  • in the context of workplace health promotion; companies, office workplaces, schools, institutions, hospitals, etc.
  • Group trainings; anatomical basics, topics of general validity; sitting, standing, lifting and carrying, dealing with stress
  • Individual work; physical complaints, tension, stress, burnout, strategic work organization, body-compatible improvements in everyday life
  • Exploiting potential; sports, music, art, drama, dance
  • Finally, for all those who want to feel more comfortable in their bodies and take responsibility for their own quality of life.
"A human being functions as a whole (body, soul and spirit) and can only change fundamentally as a whole."

F.M. Alexander

"The Alexander Technique teaches us how to bring more practical intelligence to what we already do."

Frank Pierce Jones